The Paediatric Unit is responsible for paediatric orthopaedics countrywide, treating developmental abnormalities on the upper and lower extremities, leg-lengthening, treating congenital hip dislocation, cerebral palsy patients and musculoskeletal tumours in childhood.

The Histology Unit takes part in tumour diagnostics both locally and internationally. There has been a bone tumour registry in place since 1980 where the clinical data, radiographs and histological reports of more than 3500 bone tumours and tumour-like lesions are recorded.

The main profiles of the different adult units are: treatment of musculoskeletal tumours, endoprosthetics of the major joints (hip, knee, shoulder, elbow), arthroscopic surgery (knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle), treatment of degenerative conditions, developmental anomalies, post-trauma deformities of the upper and lower limbs. Units for rehabilitation and physiotherapy and a regional centre for osteoporosis also operate at the Department. Approximately 4,000 operations are performed at the Department each year.