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Sample sending, HUS/TTP treatment guideline

The Complement Laboratory will move to a new location in December, 2020. The original location will operate until 11-Dec, 2020, and we will accept samples in the new location from 14-Dec, 2020. 

Please read carefully the requirments of blood sampling, sample processing and shipping

here as doc or pdf

Send samples from 14-DEC, 2020 to the following, new address:

Zoltan Prohaszka, Semmelweis University, Dept. Internal Med. and Hematology

Complement Laboratory, Building A, 1st floor, Szentkiralyi st. 46

1088 Budapest, Hungary

Please use the appropriate query form and consultation sheet:

Suspicion of atypical HUS:

Complement_diagnostic_query_budapest_2021 (mandatory, if you are going to ship samples to the aLab), here as pdf

Consultation sheet (necessary only if you are going to discuss the clinical situation, possible differentialdiagnosis, potential treatments, etc. with us)

Suspicion of C3-glomerulopathy: complement_lab_query_c3gp_budapest2021 (mandatory, if you are going to ship samples to the Lab) here as pdf

Charges may apply for testing if there is no contract in force between the requesting Institution and Semmelweis University

Non-official translation of the Hungarian National treatment guideline for HUS/TTP is available here. This text was not officially approved, therefore, its suggestions, and the information presented herein, can be accepted or used after careful considerations. The official text is in Hungarian, and is available here