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We would like to inform everyone in this brief extract of our house rules about all the specific regulations, precautions and required behaviours that everyone is subject to and must obey. The full length list of the house rules can be found at the reception desk or on the institution’s website.

We also would like to inform you that surveillance cameras are in operation on the grounds of our institution. Further information concerning this topic can be found in the information booklet at the reception desk.


  1. Basic Principles

Anyone who wishes to be treated here thus becoming part of this institute’s free outpatient healthcare system, furthermore any person accompanying the aforementioned and generally anyone who enters the grounds of this institution ( from now on referred to as „Patient”) must respect and obey the rules and the regulations of the law in all parts of these grounds.

The patient must at all times and by their utmost willingness, skills, and capabilites cooperate with any healtcare personnel working in this healthcare system we provide here.

The patient and all their relatives and companions must at all times respect others in lawfully carrying out their rights to the fullest.

It is strictly forbidden and punishable by law to bring any type of weapon or – as defined by aforementioned laws – any kind of object that is a hazardous for public safety, furthermore any living pet or animal with the exception of special „guidance dogs”.

It is forbidden to skate, skateboard, bike or utilise any similar vehicles in the building.

  1. Legal representative

       Name: dr. Alexandra Szedresi

       Phone number: +36 20 489-9504


  1. Regarding entry to the grounds and the time of stay

If you are a patient wishing to be treated please go to the patient registration desk (which can be found on the ground floor), where you can get futher information you need regarding our services.

We ask you to be at all times only in the areas corresponding to your treatment, examination and other procedures or in the waiting rooms of the departments.

  1. Patient admissions

Our institution provides emergency care in 0-24 hours.

  1. Required papers and personal health data

To be admitted and treated in our institute, please bring the following with you:
–      ID Card, or if missing Passport / Driver’s licence

  • Address card
  • Social Security Card (TAJ card)

To plan and provide optimal healthcare treatments we also need:

  • a referral from another dentist/doctor
  • all previous treatment documentations including CT scans, MRIs, final reports, blood works etc.
  • a list of all medications or non-medicinal food supplements taken regularly
  1. Patient dismissal

Before you are dismissed, you receive the following documentations:

  • outpatient medical record, if needed
  • specialist’s recommendation, if needed
  • prescription of the newly prescribed and set medications
  1. Protection of valuables

Please do not leave your belongings unattended! The institution is not held responsible for any theft or damage occuring to personal belongings.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is strictly forbidden inside and in a radius of 5 meters surrounding the main entrance.

  1. Other rules and regulations

– Please keep the peace and quiet of the institution and do not disturb any of others patient.

– Irresponsible use of the institution’s appliances and furniture results in a claim of damages   from the Institution’s part.

– It is strictly forbidden to consume any kind of alcoholic beverages in the building.

-The department phones are not to be used by patients.

-Please pay attention to the Institute’s cleanness.

– If you need any assistance during your stay at our institution please contact your assistant or doctor, or any other staff member of the Institute.

-In the event of experiencing any extraordinary event please do not hesitate to contact our receptionist or any employee or please call the University’s Central Dispatcher and Patrol Service at +36 20 663 2000.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Budapest, 10 July 2018

Prof. Péter Kivovics D.M.D
Director of the Institute