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Conditions of taking part in sport activities

Sport Equipment 

Students must bring sport clothes and sport shoes and wear them during sport trainings. There will be a briefing in the beginning of the first sport lesson and after the briefing a regular spot lesson will be held.

Being late for lessons, make up lessons

If a student comes late for a class he or she can not join the lesson after the lesson has started. He or she must make up for the missed lesson in a different time. The absence cannot be proved, should make up for the lost lessons.

Students are not allowed to make up for a missed lesson in advance. Students may make up for a missed P.E. lessons. Any other missed lessons must be completed in the location of the given sport activity. 

Attendance has to be recorded

It is the duty of the students to have himself or herself registered by the teacher. Every student will receive a card with his or her name, Neptun code and bar-code on it on the first lesson. Students have to bring their card to every lesson in the university because this is how their class attendance is electronically registered. It is not possible for the students to register themselves posterior.