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Semmelweis University

Faculty of Health and Public Services

Institute of Digital Health Sciences

Address: 1094 Budapest, Ferenc tér 15.
Postal address: 1428 Budapest Pf. 2.
Phone number: +36-20/825-84-42


Informatics labs at the NAGYVÁRAD TÉRI ELMÉLETI TÖMB

(1089 Budapest, Nagyvárad tér 4. – NET Building, ground floor):

  • GREEN informatics lab (NET 1)
  • BLUE informatics lab (NET 2)
  • RED informatics lab (NET 3)


Informatics lab in the HŐGYES BUILDING

(1092 Budapest, Hőgyes Endre street 7-9.):

  • Hőgyes informatics lab (Building F, 1st floor)