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Dear Authors,

Due to the redesign and ongoing changes, we will not accept submissions until July 2022.
In the coming weeks, we will revamp our website, and upload guidelines for authors to make the submission process easier and more successful. We encourage you to return to our website in June for these guides and submit your paper in July.

The Editors


The European Journal of Mental Health expects the submission of manuscripts

  • in correct English, approved by a native English-speaking proofreader,
  • whose content is within the journal’s focus,
  • which meet the requirements of the different sections thematically and in terms of length,
  • and conform to the following guidelines with respect to scholarly content, originality and layout.

Scholarly content
The most important criteria of manuscript selection include that the paper make a significant contribution to its field, its presentation be clear and intelligible yet methodologically adequate and professionally accurate, and that it appeal to a wide readership. While EJMH is glad to provide a forum for exchange between different scholarly viewpoints, successful manuscripts, rather than being polemical in tone, will be aimed at furthering knowledge.

Originality, translations

In order to be accepted for publication, manuscripts

  • must be previously unpublished both electronically and in print,
  • must differ substantially from other work of their author published elsewhere,
  • and must not be simultaneously submitted to other journals.

Formal requirements
Manuscripts of studies can be submitted together with an abstract and keywords in English. Book reviews need not be accompanied by an abstract or keywords.

Prospective authors are especially reminded

  • to take care of the accuracy of their references (with DOI included),
  • to provide the page number of the source of verbatim quotations,
  • to maintain a strict correspondence between the works in fact referenced and the references listed,
  • to double-check the completeness of the bibliographical data
    • especially the name of translators, if any,
    • the volume numbers of journals,
    • the opening and closing page numbers, inclusive of notes, of papers and chapters in books,
  • to observe the typographical rules concerning authors’ names and titles
    • last name with small caps,
    • titles of papers between inverted commas,
    • titles of books and journals in italics,
  • to provide the original text if a translation is their own,
  • to give the date of access or downloading of internet-based sources,
  • to take care of the layout, numbering and title of tables and figures,
  • and to provide an independent title for book reviews submitted.
  • Please not: We use Grammarly Premium’s plagiarism checker for texts that may need rephrasing and a citation!

The format of citations, references should follow the APA style as described in the most recent edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Manuscript submission
Please send finished manuscripts intended for publication, accompanied with a short cover letter, to the Editorial Office electronically (citations and references in APA format). Manuscripts will be acknowledged by e-mail, and authors will be informed about the expected time of an editorial decision.

The review process
Every manuscript that suits the journal’s profile undergoes a double-blind peer review. We invite leading experts in the field to review manuscripts received. Should relevant considerations warrant it, a manuscript might be refereed by several reviewers independently. In addition to members of the Editorial Board, regularly or occasionally invited experts take part in the review process. Regardless of the final editorial decision, reviewers’ reports are sent to the authors. Should a reviewer recommend a paper for publication with reservations, we invite the author to revise the manuscript. The final decision about the (revised) manuscript is made by the Editorial Board on the basis of the reviewers’ recommendation. The review process of a manuscript usually takes about four months, but in case of revisions it also depends on the efficiency of authorial cooperation. 

Manuscript accepted for publication
The date of a manuscript’s publication will be determined, in view of its date of submission and other editorial considerations, by the Editorial Board. Manuscripts accepted for publication are usually published in the next or second issue of the journal – in view of our semiannual publication schedule typically just over a year of submission. A final decision about acceptance or rejection is reached within 4 to 5 months on average, including authorial revisions. The average time between submission and publication is 13.5 months, with the turnover time slightly increasing over the years. Book reviews may be published more swiftly.

During the time between acceptance for publication and actual publication, papers are edited for language, spelling, usage and style, and conformity with the Style Sheet; the completeness and layout of references are also reviewed. If need be, authors are requested to provide additional information. Authors are requested to authorise stylistic changes at the end of the editing process.

Authors receive the proofs of the typeset text electronically in .pdf format, and they usually have one week to make corrections. At this stage, the text may not be significantly changed and major modifications impacting the typesetting may not be entered. By listing the requested changes or tacitly accepting the proofs, authors automatically give right to print the text with their and the editorial office’s corrections (imprimatur by the author). Authors are provided detailed information about proof reading in due course.

Copyright information
Authors of manuscripts accepted for publication are required to sign a Publishing Agreement in English. Our new policy was implemented in 2020 November.
Creative Commons License
All published papers are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Authors retain ownership of all rights under copyright in all versions of the article, and all rights not expressly granted in this agreement.

Authors may not claim financial remuneration upon the publication of the manuscripts. 

There is neither APC, nor submission fee, therefore we do not have a waiver policy!

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