Head of Core Facility
István Gyertyán Dr.

Core Facility Address
Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy
3rd floor, room 311
Nagyvárad tér 4.
1089 Budapest

Contact E-mail
to: István Gyertyán Dr.

Number of staff

Quality Control
ISO 9001

What we offer

  • Broad range of cognitive assays (e.g. operant chambers, various maze-learning paradigms, aversive conditioning, etc.)
  • Non invasive blood pressure measurement

Why work with us

  • Effects on behaviour, specifically on cognitive performance can be measured


  • 5-CSRTT apparatus (rat)
  • Skinner-box (rat)
  • touch-screen apparatus (rat)
  • fear-condtioning apparatus (rat, mouse)
  • shuttle-box (rat)
  • passive avoidance box (rat)
  • Morris water-maze (rat)
  • Barnes-maze (mouse)
  • Y-maze (mouse)
  • symmetrical Y-maze (mouse)
  • elevated plus-maze (rat)
  • NOR box (rat)
  • motimeter (rat)
  • rotarod (rat)
  • pot jumping setup (rat)
  • tail cuff BP apparatus (rat)
  • Phenomaster (rat)