Head of Core Facility
Zoltán Varga PhD

Core Facility Address
Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy
Nagyvarad tér 4.
5th floor, room 511
H-1089 Budapest

Contact e-mail
to: Zoltán Varga PhD

Number of staff

Quality Control
ISO 9001

What we offer

  • Routine tissue processing
  • Embedding and sectioning
    (FFPE, fresh frozen)
  • Deparaffinization and routine stainings
    (H&E, Masson’s trichome, Sirius Red, PAS, OilRed-O)
  • Microscopy-documentation analysis
  • Immunohistochemistry
    • Oxidative/nitrative stress
      (4-HNE, 3-NT)
    • Vascular adhesion molecules
      (E-Sele, V-CAM, I-CAM)
    • Immune cells
      (Iba1, CD68, Ly6g, MPO, CD3, CD4, CD8, CD45R – B220)
  • RNAScope in situ hybridization
  • Laser capture microdissection


Why work with us

  • We make 2D histology into clear interpretable data.
  • We are specialized in 2D histology using automated quantification of disease markers and therapeutic endpoints.
  • We offer the full-range of histology services to ensure efficient, complete and high-quality evaluation of study endpoints

Further benefits:

  • Expert histology solutions
  • Clinical endpoints to ensure translatability
  • Histopathology hallmark stainings
  • High‐throughput multiplex stainings
  • Spatial gene expression solutions



  • LEICA LED DM 3000 Microscope
  • LEICA SP8 confocal microscope
  • LEICA CM1950 Cryostat
  • LEICA LMD6 laser microdissection system
  • LEICA TP1020 Semi-enclosed Tissue Processor with vacuum
    and carbon filters (for formaldehyde, and for organics, Xylene standard)
  • LEICA Arcadia H- Heated Paraffin Embedding Station
  • LEICA Arcadia C- Cold plate with poxer cord
  • LEICA EG F Electric, Heatable Forceps
  • LEICA RM2245 Semi-Automated Rotary Microtome
  • LEICA HI1210 Water bath for paraffin sections
  • LEICA HI1220 Flattening table