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Welcome from the president of COHEHRE

Dear colleagues,

I cohehre4would like to invite you to the forthcoming COHEHRE Conference which is to be hosted from Wednesday 22nd until Friday 24th April 2015 by Semmelweiss University, Budapest, Hungary.

• The programme for students will run from Monday 20th to Friday 24th April 2015.
• The general programme for Academic Staff will run from Wednesday 22nd to Friday 24th April
• There will be a special focused programme for Senior Academic Managers on Thursday 23rd April

The theme of the Conference this year has been developed from the focus of the 2015 European Year for Development which incorporates the three sub-themes of Our World, Our Dignity and Our Future. Europe is one of the greatest benefactors of global overseas aid and it will be interesting to learn how European Educational Institutions address global environmental awareness, human rights and sustainability in their education programmes for Health and Social Care professionals of the future.

The conference theme will be Health and Social Care Perspectives for a Sustainable Future and will include the sub themes of
• Innovative and sustainable teaching for health and social care education
• Global partnership for health and social care education
• New challenges in health and social care services
• Equity in health and social care

Keynote speakers from Hungary and a range of other European countries will address the conference themes and issues with all participants. The conference will also provide valuable opportunities for students of member Higher Education Institutions across Europe to learn together and indulge in cross-cultural exchanges. There will also be opportunities for senior managers of member Higher Education Institutions to join together to consider issues which are of particular importance to them at this time including a critical review of the Erasmus Plus funding mechanisms.
Specialist sessions on internationalization and academic developments will be facilitated by an experienced team of experts from within the COHEHRE network and especially the COHEHRE Academy. An exciting programme of workshops, paper and poster presentations will complete the rich menu of opportunities available for your delectation!

The call for abstracts for presentations has been issued. Keynote Speakers are being booked. The draft Conference Programme is available for you to view. Why not come and join us for this wonderful opportunity to share our experiences and learn from experts in Budapest, a hub of European ideas where east meets west? I hope to see you there!

Jennifer Lewis Smith
President – COHEHRE