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Location of sport lessons

Location of the Physical Education lessons: 1107 Budapest, Zágrábi Street 14.
Special Sport Lesson

The location of the following sports is in 1107 Budapest, Zágrábi Street 14. : Aerobic, zumba, salsa, sef-defense, boulder, floor ball for beginners, basketball,  tennis for beginners, Tae Kwon Do, badminton and gymnastics while listening to music (bless you gym), football (artificial football field).

The location of golf is at the St. Lőrinc Golf Club, which is located at 1238 Budapest, Szentlőrinci Street 19-21. (

The location of tennis trainings is at 1101 Budapest, Zágrábi Street 14.  from spring to autumn and at 1103 Budapest, Kőér Street 1/a in winter.

Sport hiking tours are organized regularly in the beautiful hills of Buda. Neptun message will be sent about the meeting point.


The trainings of handball, basketball, football and volleyball are held at 1107 Budapest, Zágrábi Street 14.

Water polo trainings are held at 1124 Budapest, Csörsz Street 18., in the swimming pool of SE Vízilabda Klub, at MOM Sport Centre.

The location of Ice Hockey trainings is “Tüske tent” at 1117 Budapest, Bogdánfy street 12.