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Welcome to Cohehre conference 2015


On behalf of Semmelweis University Faculty of Health Sciences, I would like to warmly invite you all to the COHEHRE Conference that is going to be held on 21-24th April 2015 in Budapest. It is a great honour and a pleasure as well for us to be your host.

1654_okLet us greet you with a Latin proverb: “Sol omnibus lucet” – The Sun Shines on Everyone; this is our motto, to welcome everyone who comes to visit our school. The proverb above is meant to characterize the foundation of both our personal and professional approach to the work we do. We apply this strong ethical foundation to achieve the goal common for all of us at the Faculty: to supply the international medical community with new colleagues who can rely on their up to date knowledge while making individual decisions, who are able to work as independent health care professionals and who are able to carry the responsibility of solving problems in the areas of preventive care, health maintenance, recovery and rehabilitation.

We intend to reflect on the new challenges of health and social systems in globalized societies through the main topic of the conference ‘Health and Social Care Perspectives for a Sustainable Future’ and through its four subthemes: ‘Global partnerships for health and social care education’; ‘Innovative and sustainable teaching for health and social care education’; ‘New challenges in health and social care services’; ‘Equity in health and social care’. The development of health sciences and changes in societal needs have demonstrated that a sustainable health care system must be a public responsibility in which several participants play pivotal roles from the economic operators to the education system within health care and beyond. In order to achieve this, effective communication and competent professionals are needed, whose training is our duty. The topics and your contribution to the upcoming conference may help to come up with new, effective ways to accomplish this task.

2015 will be a good year for celebration at the Faculty: COHEHRE will celebrate its 15th, while our Faculty will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year. In the history of our institution, the first international conference was the COHEHRE conference that we organized 10 years ago with great success. I hope that this international conference will also be successful, and you will return home with good memories, new ideas and extended knowledge.

nagy_zoltan_zsolt_hWe look forward with great pleasure and enthusiasm to meeting you all in Budapest. Join and celebrate with us!

Prof. Zoltán Zsolt NAGY

Dean of Semmelweis University Faculty of Health Sciences