Dear Students,

Due to the momentary changes in the University’s educational structure, completing CPR practice is no longer obligatory to get the signature at the end of the semester, the students are required only to complete the course materials and the tests and see the CPR video.
Please sign out from CPR courses. We will cancell those.

Please, go to see:

First Aid (EP 2019/20)
Traumatology Department
  • Exemption form (1. page filled)
  • Official lecture list (thematic) of the done course
  • Official certificate from the results (signature/grade) (Official means stamp and signatures – original, or coloured scan/picture).
If the English Secretariat give the permission, it can arrange the whole procedure via email.



First Aid Course has changed from this year. We would like to organize this course via E-learning.
Only 1 occasion you have to come to a CPR practice/student/1 semester.

Informations_First Aid

CPR dates

24/03/2020      09.30-10.15

01/04/2020      13.00-13.45

21/04/2020      09.30-10.15

30/04/2020      09.00-09.45

06/05/2020      10.00-10.45

14/05/2020      09.00-09.45