Dear Students,

On the subject of First Aid course (GYKTRA110G1N) taught by the Department of Traumatology, Semmelweis University, we inform you of the following:

Requirements for end of semester signature:

Study the complete electronic curriculum on the Semmelweis University E-learning Portal (moodle) and complete the short tests related to the curriculum sections. On each test you must achieve at least 90%. In addition, 1 resuscitation (CPR) practice per semester is obligatory during one of the practices organised by the Department of Traumatology.

For the First Aid course, we upload topics in Moodle (Under construction). Each topic has a mini-test of 5 questions. These must be solved successfully (only 1 incorrect answer is accepted) before the next section and test will open for you. You can retry the tests an unlimited number of times.

Only after completing all the topics and completing the test series, you will have the opportunity to apply for one of the CPR exercises. Each student must complete one CPR exercise per semester. For each exercise, maximum… students can apply. During the semester, there will be such practices … times. You can register for each exercise in the Moodle system until 2 pm on the day before the exercise.

Exemption from practice can only be accepted with a medical certificate and these students have the opportunity to complete the CPR practice during the last announced date, up to a maximum of …. students.

Please note, that if you leave completing the course materials and tests for the end of the semester, you might not be able to apply for the limited number of exercises, and consequently fail to get the signature at the end of the semester.

Place of practice: Uzsoki Hospital, Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Conference Room (ground floor). (1145 Budapest, Uzsoki utca 29-41).

Practice dates: (Under construction)

  • Exemption form (1. page filled)
  • Official lecture list (thematic) of the done course
  • Official certificate from the results (signature/grade) (Official means stamp and signatures – original, or coloured scan/picture).
If the English Secretariat give the permission, it can arrange the whole procedure via email.