Dear Students,

The Hungarian government declared on March 11, 2020 a state of emergency for the entire area of the country due to the coronavirus outbreak. This includes among others a prohibition on attending Hungarian university institutions, meaning that education activities can only be conducted remotely.

In line with the guidance provided by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology following the government decision, Dr. Béla Merkely has ordered a rector recess for the days of March 12-13, 2020 and spring break to take place on the week of March 16 at Semmelweis University.

There will be a recess in Traumatology teaching for 4th, 5th, as well as 6th year students until revocation. Remote instruction and teaching for 4th and 5th year sudents is available through the university’s Moodle E-learning framework that has been used in our education activities since the begining of the semester.

With remote instruction, to a certain extent, we can build in some elements that reduce the number of practical hours required, but the principal rule is that practice cannot be substituted by remote instruction. Information regarding the substitution of missed practices will later be updated on the department’s website, as soon as we are informed by the disposition of the university.

The Traumatology Office will be closed during the rector recess, spring break, and for the duration of the remote instruction. Any administrative affairs will be handled electronically.

Since students are not allowed in the NET building, the Traumatology Deparment will postpone all written/electronic exams until otherwise instructed by the university (English 4th year exam 13/03/2020, 16/03/2020, 17/03/2020). Substitution of the written exams will be updated on the department’s website, as soon as we are informed by the university.

Currently, we are working on a method for the 6th year Surgery/Traumatology final with the I. Department of Surgery. Currently no final exam date has been postponed or cancelled.

Traumatology Department

Erste Hilfe Kurs 2019_2020_II. Halbjahr

  • Exemption form (1. page filled)
  • Official lecture list (thematic) of the done course
  • Official certificate from the results (signature/grade) (Official means stamp and signatures – original, or coloured scan/picture).
If the English Secretariat give the permission, it can arrange the whole procedure via email.