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Graduate Course

Teaching activities in our Institute are focused on the Human Physiology Course for second grade medical, dental students and students of pharmacy. Lectures are given by senior members of the faculty in Hungarian and English. In the Theoretical Program, according to our integrative approach, we place emphasis on introducing the students to the complex functioning of the human organism by discussing the interacting mechanisms as they are implemented in the cellular, tissue, organ and organ system levels. Hence, our students are gaining solid knowledge of human physiology on which later their clinical training can build.

In the Laboratory Program, students in small groups are paticipating in labs where they do experiments on human subjects under the guidance of their tutor. Our non-invasive setups offer a unique possibility of rendering various physiological mechanisms of the human body such as associated with the control of blood pressure, respiration, neural and neuromuscular functions, their response to excercise, etc. These labs are being supplemented by experiments carried out in a simulated laboratory environment. The year’s program concludes with a demonstration on using the non-invasive ultrasound echocardiography technique to visualize and evaluate the flow conditions within the heart and the large central arteries. Those students who exceled during the year can join the Local Branch of the Student Research Organization (TDK – Tudományos Diákkör).

Postgraduate Course

Our Postgraduate Course entitled “Normal and pathological mechanisms of the cardiovarcular system” offers various research topics for those who would like to obtain their PhD degree with the Doctoral School of Semmelweis University. Traditionally, the bulk of our PhD students who can enjoy the benefits of receiving a stipend from the Doctoral School are recruted from our TDK students. Our PhD students present their results and demonstrate their progress in the Seminar Program of the Institute.