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Prof. Zoltán Benyó, MD, PhD, DSc

Prof. Zoltán Benyó

MD, PhD, DSc, director

Ever since its establishment in 1959, our Institute has conducted research in the spirit of translational medicine, aiming to elucidate physiological and pathophysiological phenomena closely linked to certain diseases or pathological conditions. The experimental work in the Institute is primarily focused on studying the function of the cardiorespiratory system, whose diseases are of outstanding significance both for their morbidity and mortality worldwide. As a result of technical development in the last few years, experimental techniques available in the research groups of the Institute have opened the way to multifaceted investigation of certain physiological processes from subcellular, cellular and tissue-level processes all the way to complex regulation on the organism level, including studies in humans. Teaching in the Institute also follows this integrative approach. Special emphasis is laid on the presentation of complex adaptation processes playing an important role in health preservation, and on studying how physiological regulatory processes respond to changes in the external or internal environment.