Task 1. – Peg transfer

(laparoscopic training lab, in 1st Seminar room NET)

A series of 6 plastic rings are picked up in turn by a grasping forceps from a pegboard on the student’s left, transferred in space to a grasper in the right hand, then placed around a post on the corresponding right-sided pegboard.

After all rings are transferred from the left to right, the process is reversed, requiring transfer from the right to left hand.

Peg transfer will be scored for efficiency (time) and precision (penalty).

Task 2. – Laparoscopic Suturing Competition

„George Berci” Surgical Training and Research Lab

  1. Practice on fresh animal tissue
    gastrointestinal anastomosis
  2. Suturing competition on the anesthetized pig: laparoscopic small bowel resection and suture with separated knots.

Laparoscopic suturing will be scored for efficiency (time) and precision (penalty).