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Welcome to the website of Semmelweis University’s Student’s Scientific Association

“Value has been a part of the philosophy of every student association council’s president. In the student association led by Professor András Spät, where I worked as a student, I always felt that only truly valuable work has honour. While maintaining this principle, I would place greater emphasis on the self-active participation of students. It is my goal that, in addition to a focus on value, we succeed in realising a living, active student association at Semmelweis University. Let the students involved in TDK work be our partners!”

Prof. Béla Merkely
President of the TDK Council


Semmelweis University
Students’ Scientific Association (TDK) Council

President: Dr. Béla Merkely, professor
Vice-President: Dr. Krisztina Káldi, associate professor
Secretary: Dr. Tamás Radovits, lecturer
TDK Coordinator: Mónika Müller (+36 20 663 2970)


Mailing address:  1445 Budapest, Pf. 370.
Address:  Students’ Scientific Association (TDK) Council
Nagyvárad Theoretical Complex
1089 Budapest
Nagyvárad tér 4, ground floor 4.
Office hours:  Monday-Thursday, 9.30 a.m.- 13.30 p.m.

Abstract submission for the 2016 conferences is open till 10 Dec, 8 pm.

2015. 12. 09.

We kindly inform our students, that the abstract submission for the 2016 conferences is open. The deadline for submission is 10th December 2015, 8pm.

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