If you have seen any of the Student’ Union’s posters or flyers, you might have thought about who designed it, now you get the answer: Szonja Gályász, current desk officer of the Media Commission. You can read her interview below!

Szinapszis: Please tell us about yourself!

Szonja Gályász: Currently I’m a full-time fifth year student, but I also take part in research, clinical work, and teaching. I love reading, so much so that there are heaps of books in my dorm room. Not surprisingly, drawing and digital editing are also high on my list of favourite activities, and if equestrian sports were on the list of PE courses, I’d be the happiest person in the world. (Or be the most disappointed, if I missed it.)


Sz.: How did you get involved in the Students’ Union?

Szonja Gályász: Through a roommate, namely Richárd Ármós, of a friend of mine whom I met in the Freshman Camp. After he found out I know my way around in Photoshop and digital drawing, I was constantly assigned graphic designer jobs up until last year, when I was elected to be the desk officer and thus was responsible for the whole committee’s work.


Sz.: Where did you learn your profession?

Szonja Gályász: Well, it might be surprising that I have never been a member of any art school or anything like that. I like drawing as a way to relax since I was in kindergarten, so this skill/knowladge itself is really the result of countless hours of practice. I got into digital arts when I was in 7th grade, that’s when I bought my first drawing table. However, digital work is so much different that I remember being disappointed after first trying it out, it took a long time to get used to the fact that pen strokes appear on the computer display instead of the table. 

Sz.: Where can we see your works?

Szonja Gályász: As for my job at the Students’ Union, mainly on Facebook or the university’s notice-boards, where the advertisements and flyers for different events are. Besides that, I have an Instagram where I occasionally post, but I can’t say I’m very active. 

Sz.: Do you have any works that you are most proud of? 

Szonja Gályász: I always like my newest work the most, after a few weeks I start noticing errors or tiny details that could have been better. Still, I think my best piece is the map I made for the books Oculus and Propheta


Sz.: How can you find balance between your studies and work? 

Szonja Gályász: Luckily, with the exception of the presidential meetings, I can do most of my work from home, this means I don’t have to miss any of my lectures. In return, my afternoon and evening free time is when I have to do everything. We have the most short-term commissions during the Medic Cup, sometimes even having to draw the design during meetings. It takes a talented and well-coordinated team to be really time efficient. 


Sz.: Have you ever felt the signs of burnout?

Szonja Gályász: I often get commissions where I immediately get a great idea, in these cases it’s more like a hobby, and not something that has to be done. That’s probably the best you can feel about a job. In contrast with the designer part of the job, I did notice burnout on myself after taking up the leader role; I was suddenly faced with a lot more stuff to do and people also had higher expectations of me. In situations like that, still having my old job (drawing and graphics) came in handy as a way to relax.


Sz.: What are your plans for the future?

Szonja Gályász: I’d like to open towards guerrilla marketing. Of course that would mean more organizing work and meetings with other committees, but I think they can be way more impactful than the usual posters and flyers. 

In addition, I would appreciate if more people were introduced to our designing process, from the request to the finished design. I also feel it’s important for people working with me to have a task that they can do the best, but also that they like doing. Of course, while being technically well-equipped.