Now that the University just started, I’m sure you are thinking about how you can relax as soon as possible. Here’s our recommendation.

It: Chapter Two

After the success of the first part the sequence of the american horror has finally arrived. The story starts twenty-seven years after the first movie, when the Losers Club defeated Pennywise. The children have grown up, they moved and gone on their separate ways, while a strange phone call got the team together again. Chapter Two is based on the novel of Stephen King too. And besides, the actors are also much stronger (compared to films in the same genre) with such great names as James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, or even the young rising Finn Wolfhard.

Hungarian premier: 5 September 2019

Genre: horror-thriller

Runtime: 2 h 45 min


At first sight this film might seem familiar. The feeling can come from the fact that it resembles the appearance of the movie The Secret Life of Pets. But don’t let that thought influence us, because it is hardly similar to the foregoing one in the content and quality of the cartoon. Meaning that Trouble have became a great animated cartoon. According to the story Trouble, who’s a little bit troublesome laze around happily in every minute of he’s life. But one day the spoiled doggie’s beloved owner dies, and the dog and it’s new owner inherits his goods and chattels. At this point Trouble’s life became more and more out of hand, because his new family isn’t nice at all, but they are more money-grubbing. The doggie decides to escape.

Hungarian premier: 12 September 2019

Genre: animated family comedy

Runtime: 1 h 27 min

IMDb: 9,3

Ad Astra

Probably you remember that in past years „astronaut” movies were really popular such as Gravity, Interstellar, Alien or Passangers. So the question is, can the next astronaut movie give us something new? The answer is: based on the trailer and the story it can. Shortly the plot: Roy, the astronaut sets out to traverse the Solar System and find out the truth about his father, who has been disappeared in space for 20 years. During his travel, he finds out secrets that can change the survival of humanity and its regular place in the cosmos. The main character Roy (Brad Pitt) first seem to be a very typical protagonist, but the director said the character still has a lot under the surface.

Hungarian premier: 19 September 2019

Genre: mystic adventure-drama sci-fi thriller

Runtime: 2 h 4 min

Downton Abbey

The story of the Crawl family is going on, they are the wealthy owners of the English countryside at the beginning of the twentieth century. The cinematic version of the famous series comes into viewers eyes. The film is written by Julian Fellowes, who is also the creator of the original series. In addition, the original characters also play in the film. Moreover, how could you imagine a real English costume drama without Maggie Smith, who is one of my personal favorites.

Hungarian premier: 19 Spetember 2019

Genre: drama

Runtime: 1 h 59 min

The Goldfinch

A boy goes to wealthy foster parents after his mother becomes a victim of a bomb attack at the Metropolitan Museum. The boy was also in the museum during the assassination, but he survived it and even took a 17th-century painting with him from there. The film is based on Donna Tartt’s highly acclaimed novel. By the way the book has become a bestseller in Germany and Italy too.  

“The GoldFinch is a long-awaited classic story of loss, obsession, survival and self-discovery.” – Libri

Hungarian premier: 19 September 2019

Genre: crime drama

Runtime: 2 h 29 min

Grace a Dieu

The film is based on a true story where a priest in Lyon, France, sexually harassed more than 70 children and eventually the case was hushed up. The film shows the later lives of three of these children. The director supposedly worked secretly on the film and collected a lot of background material for it.

Hungarian premier: 26 September 2019

Genre: drama

Runtime: 2 h 17 min

IMDb: 7,4

Tomatometer: 90%

source of the pictures: filmrakat, cinemacom,, IndieWire