Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 08. December 2021
476294 Total vaccines


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Detailed information on our fee-paying courses and the conditions of application

The courses last 10 weeks.
Course fees:       10X2h courses: HUF 24,000
10X4h courses: HUF 48,000
Transfer details:
Recipient: Semmelweis Egyetem
Account number: 11784009-22236665
Comment: name of applicant, Szaknyelvi Intézet, Térítéses nyelvtanfolyam

The Department of Languages for Specific Purposes provides the courses using educational material specifically designed by the Department.
The course fee must be paid even in case of non-attendance. The fee already transferred is not returned in case of non-attendance. Course application can be cancelled up to ten days before the first day of the course. In that case, the course fee – with HUF 5,000 deduced as registration fee – will be returned. If the cancellation is within ten days of the first day of the course, the fee is not returned. A modification in the application regarding course type or the first day of the course are not considered as cancellation.
In case of irregular attendance, the course fee does not change. In case of dropping out of a course, there is no option to join another group, and the fee will not be returned.
If there is an obstacle to start a course on the date planned, the Department preserves the right to start the course, upholding the same conditions, within 11 days of the planned date. If the course cannot commence within 11 days of the planned date, the course fee will be returned. This happens when the number of applicants does not reach the number required to form a group.
If course dates must be changed, please accept our apologies.