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Dear Students,

We are pleased to inform you that, according to the decision of the Dean of Faculty of Medicine at Semmelweis University, the Department of Languages for Specific Purposes invites applications for the post of Demonstrator / Teaching Assistant (TA) scholarships at our Department, for the Academic year 2020/21 (10 months from September 2020, max. 40 hours / month). We can offer … Demonstrator / TA scholarships for the languages for medical purposes that are taught at our Department (English, French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish).

Tasks of the demonstrator/TA at the Department of Languages for Specific Purposes:

(a) assisting language instructors in preparing for the language courses for medical purposes (e.g. collecting and systematising authentic language materials, editing online thematic glossaries);

(b) assisting language instructors during classes, primarily in the authentic simulation of situations, where languages for medical purposes are to be used;

(c) participating in the preparation of midterms, written and oral examinations and the supervision of written examinations.


The ideal demonstrator/TA candidate for the Department of Languages for Specific Purposes is a student in the 2nd year who

  1. a) has a general study average of at least 3.51 in the previous two semesters;
  2. b) is a native speaker or has at least a C1 level (Effective Operational Proficiency) language examination in one of the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish. Proficiency in Hungarian language is an advantage;
  3. c) is familiar with the language for medical purposes.
  4. d) demonstrates exemplary behaviour;
  5. e) is involved in the community life of his / her environment.


Deadline for the application is 03. 07. 2020. Applications can be submitted via e-mail to

Documents required for a valid application:

– filled and signed demonstrator application form (

– a cover letter (ca. half page) in which the applicant briefly presents his / her experience of languages for medical purposes (eg clinical practice, voluntary work, part-time training abroad, etc.) and why s/he would be the ideal demonstrator / teaching assistant at our Institute.

The most prospective candidates are going to be invited to a personal interview, which is to be held at the beginning of July 2020 (the candidates will be notified via e-mail). The assessment of suitability is carried out by the language instructors of our Department, candidates will be notified by 10 July at the latest. The final decision will be made by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in early September, after consultation with the Students’ Union.

If you are interested in assisting the medical language courses of our institute, we are looking forward to your application! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our course coordinator, Ákos Zimonyi (


Semmelweis University, Department of languages for specific purposes