FOK 5th year final exam topics “A” section.

1. The morphology of the maxillofacial region

2. The history of local anaesthesia, the up-to-date anaesthetic used in

3. The spatiae of the head and neck region. Phlegmone

4. The complications of tooth extraction, their prevention. The pathology of
the complications and their management.

5. Dental infections and their management.

6. The diagnosis of the impacted and unerupted teeth and the principles of
their surgical treatment.

7. The types of cyst operations, the surgical techniques

8. The pathology of the maxillary sinus. Maxillary sinus (anatomy, diseases,

9. Tooth reimplantation and transplantation, their history, treatments and their

10. Surgical techniques for maintaining the tooth (apicectomy, retrograde
root fillings, periodontal pocket therapy with different medicaments)

11. The adverse events occuring in the dental operatory, their aetiology and

12. Antibiotic therapy, antiinflammatory drugs and analgetics

13. The indication for apicectomy

14. Periostitis cellulitis, – differences between them.

15. Trigeminus neuralgy.

16. Differential diagnosis of the lymphotic glands in the neck region.

17. Mention a few impontant dates and doctors in common with the history of
oral surgery!

18. The temporomandibular joint (anatomy, examination, diseases).

FOK 5th year final exam topics “B” section.

1.The orthodontic aspects of oral and maxillofacial surgery, the
common surgical techniques

2. Salivary gland infections from the early childhood till the senescence

3. The complex therapy of the malignant tumors of the facial region

4. Sialolithiases of the salivary glands

5. The types of mandibular fractures, their therapy (conservative therapy,
“AO”, miniaturized and micro plates).

6. The therapy of the maxillary fractures.

7. The developmental problems and malformations of the maxillofacial
region and the surgical aspects of their therapy.

8. The surgical management of a patient with bleeding and clotting
disorders. (Tissue glues!)

9. The differentialdiagnosis of the facial pain

10. Special diagnostic methods in the maxillofacial surgery (CT,
sialography, tomography, ultrasound)

11. Sialoses (sialoadenoses)

12. Malignant tumors of the oral cavity

13. Precancerous lesions in the oral cavity

14. The haemangiomas of the maxillofacial region, their complex therapy

15. The possibilites of the reconstruction after major head and neck tumor

16. The fractures of the midfacial bones

17. The possibilities of the reconstruction and replacement of the jaws.

18. Lateral cervical cysts

19. Medial cervical cysts

20. The aetiology of the ankylosis of temporomandibular joint and its

21. The diagnosis of the aktinomycosis, its treatment.

22. Lipoma, symmetrical benign lipomatosis.

23. Medicaments treatment of the malign tumors.

24. Biomaterials.

25. Sjögren syndrome.

26. Xerostomia and its treatment.

27. Different types of the osteomyelitis in the maxilla and mandible.