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Hibride P.E. from 21 September

Dear Students,


From Monday, 21st September 2020, Physical Education I-IV. courses are held in a hybrid way. This means the following :

– groups assigned to one particular physical education class will be taken apart, so they will participate in a two-weekly schedule at the classes of the Sports Center

– in the intervening weeks, we will send online assignments to students via the Neptun system

– the new schedule will be recorded in Neptun, where you can find out who has a “contact” lesson and when. There is no way to stray from the schedule!

– the online assignments will be sent out on Tuesdays, the completion of which will have to be returned to the e-mail address provided in the Neptun email by the deadline sent in the email. The deadline is always Saturday midnight.

– the signature is subject to nine attendance, of which at least five are contact hours

– we will try to hold PE classes outdoors, students should wear sportswear that suits the weather!

– students are asked to use the locker room for as short a time as possible or, if possible, to arrive in their sportswear!


Thank you for your cooperation, I wish you all good health.


Best regards,

Kornélia Várszegi


P.E and Sport Center