Semmelweis University Organizational and Operational Regulations
– Part III. Student Standards –
Chapter III.2. Study and Examination Regulations

15. Final Provisions

Article 58 [Final and Transitional Provisions]

(1) For matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of the Nftv. and of the Nftv. Vhr. as well as the provisions of other legislation shall prevail.

(2) These Regulations shall enter into force simultaneously with the entry into force of the resolution providing for its adoption by the Senate. These Regulations shall take effect from the autumn semester of the academic year 2022/2023, including the time period between the adoption of the Regulations and, if later, the date of agreement by the Students’ Union. At the discretion of the Rector or the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, or if it is more favorable to the relevant student, the provisions of the Regulations may be applied to pending matters.

(3) Article 18(4) shall apply to existing multiple entitlements, which shall be announced within a reasonable time limit after the entry into force of these Regulations, and may be published by the University in the form of an announcement.

(4) Where the content of academic obligations is defined in these Regulations, students who commenced their studies prior to the date of entry into force of these Regulations shall continue to be subject to the obligation set out in the Regulations in force at the time of commencement, but the faculties may apply the new Regulations, provided they are more favorable to students.

(5) The deadlines passed or almost passed at the time of entry into force of these Regulations, can be replaced individually by new, reasonable deadlines by the Rector or the Deans.

(6) When examining whether conditions necessary for measures based on fairness prevail, previous such measures shall be disregarded if, under these Regulations, the decision could have been taken without exercising such special measures. In matters which may fall within the scope of Article 54, only if the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs or the Studies and Examinations Committee decides so regarding the individual case.

(7) In the case of foreign language training of Ukrainian and other foreign students who are refugees from Ukraine, the Center of Education of International Studies shall be competent to conduct the admission procedure pursuant to Article 17 and the credit transfer procedure pursuant to Article 44. In the course of the admission and credit transfer procedure, the deadlines set out in these Regulations and the admission bulletin of the foreign language courses do not apply, and the documents to be attached to the application for admission shall be governed by the provisions of the Center of Education of International Studies.