Semmelweis University Organizational and Operational Regulations
– Part III. Student Standards –
Chapter III.2. Study and Examination Regulations

14. Remedies in Educational Matters and the Obligations of the Institution to Provide Information

Article 56 [Right for Remedy in Educational Matters]

(1)  The provisions relating to appeal procedures are set out in Chapter III of the Organizational and Operational Rules of Semmelweis University, Part 7 (Appeal Regulations).

(2) According to the Act on National Higher Education, all proceedings in student academic affairs, in particular those which fall within the competence of the Studies and Examinations Committee under these Regulations, are considered as first order decisions. In case of doubt, the Studies and Examinations Committee may act if it is necessary to make a decision in a matter of a procedural nature related to the continuation of the student’s studies, the progress of their studies and the acquisition of knowledge/qualifications, if there are no legal provisions or other bodies responsible for the matter.