Semmelweis University Organizational and Operational Regulations
– Part III. Student Standards –
Chapter III.2. Study and Examination Regulations

13. Provisions for Students with Disabilities

Article 55 [Provisions Applicable to Students with Disabilities]

(1) One person may pursue studies in higher education in Hungarian (partly) state-funded training, for a period totaling twelve semesters in long-cycle, bachelor and master program. Support is limited to a maximum of fourteen semesters if the student is enrolled in full‑time training and the program requirements exceed ten semesters.

(2) The support period as defined in paragraph (1) may be extended for a student with a disability by up to four semesters by the higher education institution. This preference may be exploited for the achievement of more than one degrees but the period of allowance on this basis may not exceed four semesters.

(3) Further provisions for students with disabilities are included in the university’s Equal Opportunities Regulations.