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The database of courses can be browsed on-line.

It is worth trying to use the system in order to find the best course options available.
The course database can be accessed by the Courses (Kurzusok) icon through which relevant information about current courses is available as well as the data from previous semesters. A prospective course database of future semesters is also accessible.

It is advisable to use the Filter (Szűrés) function of the searching programme.

  • Be aware of which semester is indicated in the box entitled semester.
  • If the box is left blank, you can browse among the total number of courses indicated in all the semesters.
  • If there are more than 50 courses in a semester, then the course database is continued in the following pages. You can browse between the pages by means of the arrows in the menu which indicate the directions; or as an alternative you can write in the desired page number to the field entitled page (oldal) and click on the jump (ugrás) icon next to it.
  • The course details – relevant information provided by the teacher – can be reached by clicking on the title of the course. This informative table has several link possibilities leading to both attached files and the website of the course or to more information about teachers, programmes and departmental School of PhD Studiess within the university.

There are several ways to find out about the courses offered by a particular teacher.

  1. You can click on the Teachers (Oktatók) icon at the bottom part of the icons on the left side of the web page when both the details about the teacher and his/her courses are listed. If the course title is listed more than once it means that the course will be given in more than one semester.
  2. Select the relevant semester and use the Course leader icon in the menu system, i.e. Chose the desired course leader’s name and click on the Filter icon.

If you are looking for a particular course you will be able to find it by typing in a key word in the field under the Courses (Kurzusok) icon and clicking on the Filter icon.

Special courses in each semester can be found easily by entering to the Code section the following signs K (compulsory), KV (to be completed during the training period) or A (in English) and clicking on the filter icon. You can also brows in the table of courses which are compulsory once during the training period.