Please note that the deadline for course registration and admission has been extended until 10 September. Late registration and taking courses are between 11-15 September (with fee-paying). You have to write to and email addresses.


Information about the registration for the 2023/24/1 semester 

Registration is open in Neptun: 15-31 August 2023.

Students  starting their PhD studies in September 2023 have to register personally in the  Doctoral Office in the opening hours, as well. The documents which are needed were listed in the letter about admission to the doctoral program.

Students do not need to visit the Doctoral Office personally if they register for the 2., 3., 4., 5., 6,. 7. and 8. semesters. We would like to draw your attention that due to structural changes, you will have to register on a new line (code with “23”). In case of passive status, you have to send the request to the Doctoral Office. (LINK)

The courses are available in Course database from 15 August:

The PhD courses can be taken in Neptun during the registration period as well.

Please note that PhD students have to take their Research courses in Neptun in each semester, after the complex exam as well. 

The Neptun code of the course refers to the language of the course. The code of the English courses ends in letter ……A.

Fee-paying students have to transter the tuition fee till 30 September.

Please contact Mónika Baracsi ( financial assistant in the Economic Management of School of PhD Studies to arrange the invoice of the tuition fee.

Late registration is between 1-7 September. The fee of the late registration: 11 600  HUF.

We would like to inform you that granted students will receive the grant of September and October together in early October.

In case of further questions, please contact the Doctoral Office via email:


Doctoral Office