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Schedule of practices (I. semester)

Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy Iv

Schedule of practices

First semester
Week Date Topic

September 10 Pharmacodynamics I (drug receptors, receptor theories, drug-receptor interactons). (For details see below the table)
September 12 Pharmacodynamics II (quantal dose-response curves, therapeutic indices, tolerance, drug interactions). Basics of prescription writing
2.  September 19 Parasympathomimetics and parasympatholytics, centrally acting cholinergic drugs
3.  September 26 Sympathomimetics and sympatholytics
4.  October 3 Nitrates, Ca-channel blockers and other vasodilators. Pharmacology of RAAS.
5.  October 10 Fibrinolytics, drugs against bleeding, drugs acting on blood cell production. Diuretics and antidiuretics
6.       October 17 Positive inotropic agents. Antihyperlipidemic drugs.
7. October 24 Drugs acting on blood glucose control. Antidiabetics.
8.       October 31 Antiarrhythmic drugs. Drugs influencing the oxygen demand and oxygen supply of the heart. Drugs improving microcirculation.
9.       November 7 Expectorants (secretomotorics, secretolytics, mucolytics), antitussive drugs. Autacoids, histamine, antihistamines.
10.                         November 14 Pituitary hormones and hypothalamic hormones controlling their production. Hormonanalogs and hormone antagonists.
11.                         November 21 Androgens, antiandrogens, anabolic steroids, drugs influencing sexual activity.
12.                         November 28 Pharmacovigilance (reporting adverse effects), drug registration, ATC code, generics, biosimilar drugs). Drug formulations. Nutrients, traditional plant medicines, vitamins, anorectic drugs.
13.                         Consultation

Seminars on September 10, Tuesday

Group 1-2 Block 1 Dr. Timár Júlia L-5 10.00-11.55
Group 3-4 Block 2 Dr. Görbe Anikó L-3 8.00-9.55
Group 5-6 Block 3 Dr. Makkos András L-4 8.00-9.55
Group 7-8 Block 4 Dr. Brenner Gábor L-5 8.00-9.55
Group 9-10 Block 5 Dr. Hársing László L-3 10.00-11.55
Group 11-12 Block 6 Dr. Varga Zoltán L-4 10.00-11.55
Group 13-14 Block 7 Dr. Riba Pál L-1 8.00-9.55
Group 15-16 Block 8 Dr. Kató Erzsébet Sz-8 9.15-11.10