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Schedule of Lectures (I. semester)

Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy I. Lectures, English course

 2019/2020 1st semester

Thursday 10.05-12.10
NET-Brown Lecture Hall

September 12th Introduction to Pharmacology. Development of Drugs (CP) (2019/2020) Dr. Péter Ferdinandy
September 13th


2nd Clinic of Gynecology

12.30-13.30 Pharmacokinetics (2019) Dr. Klára Gyires
13.30-14.30 Clinical pharmacokinetics (CP) (2019/2020) Dr. Kornél Király
September 13th


2nd Clinic of Gynecology

14.30-15.30 Basics of the neurotransmission of the autonomic nervous system. (2019/2020) Dr. Tibor Zelles
15.30-16.30 Pharmacology of the cholinergic systems Dr. Mahmoud Al-Khrasani
September 19th   Pharmacology of the adrenergic system Dr. László Köles
September 26th   Pharmacology of the local anesthetics (2019/2020) Dr. Mahmoud Al-Khrasani
Pharmacology of the skeletal muscles (2019/2020) Dr. Pál Riba
October 3rd Drugs used in coagulation disorders (2019/2020) Dr. László Köles
October 10th Treatment strategy of ischemic heart disease (2019/2020) (CP). Dr. Anikó Görbe
Treatment strategy of acute and chronic heart failure (2019/2020) (CP)
October 17th   Treatment strategy of hypertension (2019/2020) (CP) Dr. Anikó Görbe
October 24th Holiday
October 31st Treatment strategy of 2nd type diabetes mellitus (2019/2020) (CP). Metabolic syndrome (CP) Dr. Zoltán Varga
November 7th Pharmacology of the respiratory system. Pharmacotherapy of bronchial asthma and COPD (CP) Dr. Zoltán Zádori


November 14th Corticosteroids (2019/2020) Dr. Tibor Zelles
Drugs affecting bone mineral homeostasis. Treatment strategy of osteoporosis (CP) (2019/2020) Dr. Erzsébet Kató
November 21st Special aspects of pediatric and geriatric pharmacology (CP) (2019/2020) Dr. Sándor Kerpel-Fronius
November 28th Sexual hormones. Contraceptives (CP), Thyroid hormones and antithyroid drugs.(2019/2020) Dr. László Köles

CP = Clinical pharmacology / Pharmacotherapy lectures

Budapest, September 2, 2019                                                                            Dr. Ferdinandy Péter

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