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Topics of Lectures and Seminars – 1st semester

Pharmacology 1st semester

Friday 1110-1240 NET-Z
Group 1,2– Friday, 1300-1430 Sz-04 Dr. M. Al-Khrasani
Group 3,4–Friday, 1250-1420 L-05 Dr. I. Miklya
Group 5,6–Friday, 1250-1420 L-03 Dr. Zs. Gyarmati
Group 7,8–Thursday, 1425-1555 Sz-02 Dr. I. Miklya
11.09. Dr. L. Köles Introduction to pharmacology.(2019/2020) 09.09-11.09. Pharmacodynamics I.
18.09. Dr. H. Kalász Pharmacokinetics (2020/2021) 16.09-18.09. Pharmacodynamics II.
25.09. Dr. M. Al-Khrasani Basics of the neurotransmission of autonomic nervous system (2019/2020) 23.09-25.09. Parasympathomimetics. Parasympatholytics
02.10. Dr. E. Kató Sympatholytics (2019/2020) 30.09-02.10. Sympathomimetics
09.10. Dr. I. Miklya  

Skeletal muscle relaxants (2019/2020)

07.10-09.10. Pharmacology of the respiratory tract, Histamine. Antihistamines.
16.10. Dr. T. Zelles Inhibitors of platelet aggregation and anticoagulants (2019/2020) 14.10-16.10. Fibrinolytics, treatment of bleeding. Antihyperlipidemic drugs. Drugs acting on erythropoiesis.
23.10. Holiday 21.10-23.10. 21.10-22.10-Prescription writing. Consultation.


30.10. Dr. E. Kató Treatment strategy of chronic congestive heart failure. Positive inotropic drugs (2020/2021) 28.10.-30.10. Diuretics
06.11. Dr. Z. Giricz Antianginal drugs 04.11-06.11. Antihypertensive agents.
13.11. Prof. V. Kecskeméti Pharmacology of the smooth muscles 11.11-13.11. Antiarrhythmic drugs. Drugs used in the treatment of peripheral vascular diseases. Local circulation improving drugs.
20.11. Dr. T. Zelles Gluco- and mineralocorticoids (2019) 18.11-20.11. Hypothalamic and pituitary hormones. Contraceptives
27.11. Dr. I. Miklya Drugs acting on glucose homeostasis 25.11-27.11. Oral antidiabetics.
04.12. Dr. E. Kató Sexual hormones 02.12-04.12. Drugs influencing the thyroid function. Prescription writing.
11.12. Prof. V. Kecskeméti Drugs acting on bone homeostasis 09.12-11.12. Biological Drugs. Orphan Drugs. Advanced Therapy Medicines. Nutrients, traditional plant medicines, vitamins, anorectic drugs.