Present appointment: Associate professor

Phone: +36 1 210 29 30/56237, 56327

Email: koles

Education and qualification:
1986-1992 Semmelweis University of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Budapest

Present affiliation:
1992- Semmelweis University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy

Previous appointments:
Assistant lecturer (1992-2001), assistant professor (2001-2010)

Scientific degrees:
2003 Ph.D., Semmelweis University
2010 Dr. Med. Habil., Semmelweis University

Educational activities:
Graduate education:
1992 – Pharmacology practices for medical and dental students in Hungarian, English and German languages
2000 – Pharmacology lectures for medical and dental students in Hungarian, English and German languages
2004- Tutor of German medical students
2004- Local coordinator of Scientific Students’ Associations
2003-2008 Guest lecturer at the University of Leipzig
2011- Lecturer of Pharmacology at the Dental Faculty
Postgraduate education:
2003- Lectures for Ph.D. students (Ph.D. School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Program: Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology , Subpprogram: Drug and Mechanism-oriented Pharmacodynamic Studies

Major appointments and memberships in professional societies:
1995-Hungarian Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology Socitey
1999-2001 Faculty Council of the Medical Faculty, Semmelweis University
2004- Scientific and Research Ethics Council of the Semmelweis University
2011- Faculty Council of the Dental Faculty, Semmelweis University

Scientific activities:
Investigation of neuromodulatory role and importance of purinergic transmission in the central nervous system.
Investigation of the modulation of glutamatergic transmission, its importance in the organization and regulation of higher order cognitive functions.
Investigation of novel aspects of pain transmission.
Effects and mechanisms of action of substances of drug abuse (opioids, cannabinoids, ethanol).

1997-2010 Rudolph Boehm Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Leipzig, Germany, altogether 5 years
2004-2009 Center for Neurosciences , University of Coimbra, Portugal 6×1 month
2000-2010 Institute of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Albert Ludwig University of Freibrug 5 x 1 month

Scientometric data:
Number of papers in peer-refereed international journals: 21
Number of papers in hungarian journals: 1
Cumulative impact factor: 63,160
Number of citations: 350
Number of independent citations: 279
Hirsch-index: 13 (including self-citaions), 12 (independent citations only)
Book chapters: 6