No. of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 22 January 2023
545262 Total vaccines
Klara Gyires
Present appointment: professor emerita

Phone: +36 1 210 29 30/56477

E-mail: gyires

Education and qualification:
1964-1970 Medical School, Debrecen
1970: 1962 medical doctor „Summa Cum Laude” diploma

Present affiliation:
1970-SemmelweisUniversity, Medical School, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy

Previous appointments:
1970-74 Trainee; 1974-84 Assistant lecturer; 1980-91 Assistant professor; 1991-1998 Associate professor; 1998-2016 Professor; 2004-2011 Head of Department

Scientific degrees:
1987 PhD (Candidate of Medical Sciences)
1994 Dr. Med. Habil.
2003 DSc

Educational activities:
Graduate education:
1970-2004, 2011- Seminars in Hungarian, 1987-2004 German and 1993-2004, 2011- English courses of Medical Faculty
1975- Lectures in Hungarian, 1987- German and 1993- English courses of Medical Faculty
1994-2004 Tutor of German students,
1994-2004 Local coordinator of Scientific Students’ Associations

Postgraduate education:
2001-2004: Leader of subprogram 1. of the PhD program entitled „Gastroenterology” (directed by Tulassay Zs.)
2004- Leader of subprogram 1. of the PhD program entitled „Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology” (directed by Magyar K.)
2009- Leader of Pharmacodynamics I. PhD course
2009- member of examine-council of Clinical Pharmacology

Major appointments and memberships in professional societies:
1971- member of the Hungarian Society for Experimental and ClinicalPharmacology
1974- Hungarian Physiological Society
1992- board member of the Hungarian Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology
1994- Member of the New York Academy of Science
1995-97 President of Hungarian Section of WHMA (Worldwide Hungarian Medical Academy)
1998- 2004 Member of Scientific and Research Ethics Council of Semmelweis University
2004- Board member of Research Forum of Hungarian Gastroenterological Society
2005- President of Clinical Pharmacological Council of Semmelweis University
2007-2009 Member of Bolyai János Expert Committee
2007- Member of Education and Credit Commute
2010- Non-academic representative at the Assembly of Hungarian Academy of Science

Main research field:
Cytoprotection in gastrointestinal system, central regulation of gastrointestinal defence, regulation of gastric motility in vivo, in vitro; pharmacological influence of inflammatory processes

1987 Harvard MedicalSchool, Department of Pathology, Boston, USA.
1989 University of Catania, Department of Pharmacology, Catania, Italy
1989 University of Verona, Department of Pharmacology, Verona, Italy,
1989 University of Padua, Department of Pharmacology, Padua, Italy
1990 Inselspital Bern, Gastroenterological Research Unit, Bern, Switzerland
1992 Maulana Azad Medical College, Department of Pharmacology, New Delhi, India
1993, 2010 University of Parma, Department of Pharmacology, Parma, Italy
2006, 2007 Karl-Franzens University Graz, Department of Pharmacology, Graz, Austria
2010, 2011Albert-Ludwig’s University, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Germany

Scientific activities:
Number of papers in peer-referred international journals: 57
Number of papers in Hungarian journals: 8
Cumulative impact factor: 114.472
Number of citation: 676
Number independent citation: 445
Hirsch-index: 15 (from independent citation: 10)

Book chapters: 6 in English, 11 in Hungarian in Textbooks
Edited book: 3 (1 in English, 2 in Hungarian)