Present position: associate professor
Phone: 56387


1991-1997: Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University, Faculty of General Medicine, Szeged, Hungary
2002:         Clinical Laboratory Specialist
2011:         Psychotherapeutist


Semmelweis University, Faculty of medicine, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy

University of Szeged, Department of Biochemistry, Szeged

 Previous position:

1998-2000:   assistant scientist
2000-2008:   assistant lecturer
2008-           assistant professor

Scientific degree:

2007:         PhD
2015:         Habilitation

Educational activity:

Medical Faculty – Biochemistry lectures and practicals
Dentistry Faculty – Biochemistry lectures and practicals
Pharmacy Faculty – Biochemistry lectures
Faculty of health siences – Biochemistry, Pathobiochemistry, Laboratory diagnostics (hungarian)
Clinical Chemist – Pathobiochemistry, Laboratory diagnostics (hungarian)
Medical Faculty – Pharmacology lectures and practicals

Other educational activities:

  • examination
  • educational adviser (gradual) (2004-2015)
  • educational adviser (postgradual) (2016-)

SZTE ÁOK Credit Comittee: 2010-2014
SZTE ÁOK member of mentor program 2014-15
SZTE ÁOK quality control of education 2011-2015

Scientific training management:

PhD students:

Pálóczi János biologist Msc (PhD degree in 2015)
Gáspár Renáta biologist Msc (PhD degree in 2017)
Szántai Ágnes biologist Msc (pre doctor)
Makkos András MD (II. year)

TDK students:

32 students
Local TDK conferences: 39 presentations
OTDK: 14 presentations
International TDK conferences: 15 presentations
17 thesis

Memberships in professional societies:

1997-2007           Hungarian Clinical Chemistry Society
2002-                  Hungarian Biochemical Society
2005-                  Hungarian Cardiology Society
1997-2004           World Muscle Society
2005-                  ESC-ISHR (European Society of Cardiology-International Society for Heart Research)
2012-                  Hungarian Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Society
2012-                  QualiCont Ltd – board of supervision
2012-                  Working group of analytical and environmental chemical scientific committee (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
2016-                  Hungarian Pharmacology Society


1997                   SZOTE Conference of Students Scientific Circle – Abbott Laboratories prize
2000                  MLDT Poster prize
2004                  Hungarian Biochemical Society – Poster prize
1999                   Best practical teacher, Biochemistry, English program
2011                   Best practical teacher, Biochemistry, Hungarian program
2012                   Supervisor of Pro Scientia prize winner student
2015                   Excelent teacher of Student Scientific Circle

Scientific activities:

Regeneration of skeletal muscle and gap junction communication
Role of Cx43 in the ischemic adaptation of the heart
Effects of oxidative and nitrozative stress in the ischemic adaptation of the heart
Investigations of ischemic adaptation and its intracellular mechanisms in cardiac myocyte cell cultures
Connection of hyperlipidemia and cardiprotection
Ischemic tolerance of stem cell-derived cariac myocytes


1998 Laboratorium Physiologie, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Belgium
2000 (short visit) Institute of Anatomy, UCL, London, UK (Royal Society)
2003-05 (visiting grant) Institute of Anatomy, UCL, London, UK (Royal Society)
2012-15 Bolyai János postdoctoral fellowship
2013-15 OTKA postdoctoral grant
2013 Campus Hungary fellowship (Universitatklinik, Hamburg)
2016 EU_ROS COST STSM short term visit (Chieti, Olaszország)

Scientometric data:

Number of papers in peer-reviewed international journals: 35
Number of papers in hungarian journals: 0
Cumulative impact factor: 145
Number of citations: 726
Hirsch index: 17
Book chapters: 0
Conference presentations: oral (37), poster (70)
Patents: 3