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English medicine

Dear Students!

You can find information on the transitional study and examination regulations related to the organisation and conducting of remote examinations, under the following RECTOR’S ORDNER and DIRECTIVE.

RECTOR’S ORDER No. R/4/2020. (IV.22.)

R / 5 / 2020th (IV.23.) RECTOR’S DIRECTIVE

The above mentioned regulations are valid until revoked, and according to the current resolution, the pathology comprehensive examination will start in our institute in the form of remote examination on Monday, May 18, 2020, from 10:00am.

The final exam consists of a practical and an oral part, the method of which is an oral exam through the ZOOM system.

The practical part consists of the demonstration of 1 annotated digital hystopathological slide (from a series of general and systhemic pathology selection), as well as 1 practical macro photo of the autopsy room.

Both of these will be selected by the examiner and sent to the examinee’s digital interface.

Only the macro photos presented under the “autopsy practice” link, presented in connection with a total of 13 case reports, can be included in the final examination.

The basis of the oral examination is the official examination topics series; the candidate must report on 3 different topics according to the II. semester (final exam).

The topic and the allotted preparation time for them are selected and determined by the examiner.

The 10 questions to be answered immediately may also concern the topic of the selected exam theses, and the results of which can be taken into consideration when evaluating the topics.

Each part of the exam can lead to a fail, in case of its failure the whole exam must be retaken.

In other matters, we follow the RECTOR’S INSTRUCTIONS above.

dr. Rácz Gergely, mentor


Dear Students!

Class materials will be uploaded to our website, where they’ll be accessible just like the E-learning platform.
The first recorded lecture (Matolcsy 03.11 Malformations. Clinical manifestation of renal disease. Glomerular disease) of the topic “Pathology of kidney and the urinary tract.” Is available through this link:
Similarly, the following histology practical of the same topic (Nephrology) is also available, which was performed by assistant professor dr. Finta Attila: (Specimen and Histology parctice, 2nd semester, VII. Nephrology, VIDEO)
Furthermore, we’ll be uploading an autopsy case weekly, from which you can find the first demonstration on the following link: under the Autopsy practice link, 7th week’s autopsy practice
For all future uploads you can expect a similar notice!
I wish you all a successful learning and revision experience!
dr. Rácz Gergely, mentor
Dr. Csernus Balázs
Dr,. Csomor Judit
Dr, Dezső Katalin
Dr. Fintha Attila
Dr. Fónyad László
Dr. Hajdu Melinda
Dr. Jákob Noémi
Dr. Kiss Richárd
Dr. Krencz Ildikó
Dr. Matolcsy András
Dr. Micsik Tamás
Dr. Mihály Dóra
Dr. Nagy Ágnes
Dr. Nagy Péter
Dr. Pápay Judit
Dr. Rácz Gergely
Dr. Rajnai Hajnalka
Dr. Regős Eszter
Dr. Rókusz András
Dr. Sápi Zoltán
Dr. Scheich Bálin
Dr. Szállási Árpád
Dr. Szentkereszty Márton
Dr. Szepesi Ágota
Dr. Téglási Vanda
Dr. Timár Botond
Dr. Zalatnai Attila



Study advisor: Dr. Gergely Rácz
                           Phone: 459-1500 ext. 54471

Study administrator: Szilvia Szabó
                                       Phone: 459-1500  ext.  54459