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English dentistry


Exam information

Oral pathological exams (because of the coronavirus pandemia) are held every day of the weeks. Start: 08.00  On the exam the personal appearance necessary.

The practical and the theoretical parts are held together, at the same examiner, and the final mark is determined from these two parts. Specimens will not be asked only 1 histological slide. 

The general rules are found in the Rector’s Directive, please follow these regulations.

Dear Students!

The E-learning platform of our institution and the continuously uploaded class materials of both lectures and practicals is and will not be directly related to your timetables, as those are not formatted for learning of this nature. This means that materials will be freely accessible whenever desired.
All lecture’s and practice’s  can also be seen at the homepage of the Insitute.
Furthermore, we will provide the opportunity for online consultation through instructors responsible for practical sessions, additional information about these (ex. appointments) will be given in time to everyone.
Please do check our website often and pay attention to the given online channels!

I will be of assistance concerning academics,

I wish you all a great learning experience and revision!



Study advisor: Dr. Attila Zalatnai
                           Phone: 459-1500 ext. 54420

Study administrator: Dr. Beata Nagy
                                       Phone: 459-1500  ext.  54465


Diploma work title: 

Pathology of the odontogen tumors.

Tutor:  Dr. Attila Zalatnai