Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 31. July 2022
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The majority of patients come for 2-6 week period from Monday till Friday for a half or a full day depending on their choice and the recommendation of the conductor team. These intense sessions enable them to take part in an active learning process where they gain confidence and learn new skills what they can implement in their everyday lives and increase their independence.

The language of the session is usually in English or Russian.

The characteristics of interval conductive education

  • Short, generally 2-6-week periods are used for assessing and developing the child’s condition.
  • Concrete goals are set and parents are informed at admission.
  • The achieved results are recorded in writing and documented with photos.
  • In order to maintain the results, professionals working with the child and the parents are informed of the tasks for home occupation.
  • This form of conductive education is favourable in so far as the child has to leave his/her home and school environment for relatively short time only.
  • Intensive occupation.