Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 31. July 2022
534654 Total vaccines


What type of disability is conductive education recommended for?

Conductive education can be helpful for anybody with a neurological movement disorders. Cerebral palsy is the most common condition however; it can be useful for children with developmental delay, genetic disorders, etc. One of the principles of CE is that learning is an active proccess therefore, individuals need to have a level of cognitive ability to benefit from CE.


How does conductive education work in everyday life?

Conductive education is not just about physical exercises but it is a way of life. By teaching CE enable the patients to learn life skills. These skills can be transferred into their daily routine and implemented into their home environment.


Where can I find an acoomodation if I take part in the program?

The closest possibility to stay is the Budapest Hotel. For further information visit the website:


Do I have to stay with my child for the whole day program?

After the first consultation based on the child’s/family’s needs the decision will be made by the conductors whether parents can stay in the group or not. Also, there is possibility for those parents who didn’t participate in the program to have an open day.


Where can I eat?

Food can be ordered for purchase at the institute. There is also a buffet int he building. For more information, write an email to us!


Can I hire euquipments during my staying?

Yes, it is possible to hire buggies, walkers, ladder back chairs, etc. For more information consultate with the conductors.


How does a first consultation look like?

During the intitial assesment, condustors observe the patients’ physical, cognitive and social skills within a nice environment. With the parents conductors discuss basic informations about the child and make decision about which group setting is the most suitable for the child. Two weeks trial will be offered for each patients to see whether conductive education is beneficial for them or not.