Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 31. July 2022
534654 Total vaccines

Children’s services (Mother and Toddler Group, Kindergarten Group):

It offers an opportunity for children  to work within a group. The main focus of the program is on improving children’s motor skills as well as everyday life skills such as communication, dressing, toileting, eating, drinking and playing. The program is very complex and made as colorful as possible. There is a lot of emphasis on the senses, on seeing, hearing and on the improvement of concentration. Playful and inspiring sessions are provided to help children acquire information at ease.

Children can take part on the session with or without their parents following by the conductors’ observation.

The aim of the parent and child group is to teach the parents how to help their children through their physical, social and emotional progress.  In this group one parent stay with the child at all times and work directly with the conductors under the group leader’s instructions.