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About the examinations

You can find information about the exams (medical chemistry, molecular cell biology 1 and 2) organized in our department here. Please, check this document occasionally, as it will be updated time by time. Should you have any question, please, feel it free to contact me:

Please find here the rector’s directive on certain transitional provisions relating to the organization and conduct of examinations within the distance learning mode.

The exams will start at 9 o’clock. Somewhat earlier (between 8 and 9 o’clock) in Neptun, you will find the name of your examiner with the Zoom link you have to use to connect to the exam. We would like to ask all of you to enter the appropriate meeting, so that you can discuss all the technical details with the examiner (e.g. how you have to wait, how do you know, that it is your turn, how you will pick your topics etc.).

The topic list of the exam in each subject remains the same. You will pick the questions (electrically), and the exam begins immediately without preparation time. It means, that the style of the exam will be somewhat different, i.e. the calculation in the chemistry exam will be solved step by step, and not the final result, but the corresponding theory and keywords are more important (as it is actually the case in the “regular” exam as well). These modifications will not make the exam harder, and please, prepare for the
exam in the same way, as you always do.

It is compulsory also at the “regular” exam to show a photo ID. Thus, we would like to ask you to use your camera during the exam, and please, show your ID card at the beginning. It will also make it possible to answer some questions (such as writing formulas etc.).

Your cooperation is appreciated!