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Kultúra a gyógyításban, a gyógyítás kultúrája

Kultúra a gyógyításban, a gyógyítás  kultúrája – Culture in Medicine, Culture of Medicine

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W1: „We have never been modern?” –An Initiation to Critical Approaches to Evidence Base in Medicine –  How to respond? – / – Discussion of the Semester: Requirements and Timescale.

W2: Alternatives 1: Narratives and Explanatory Models – Confusions and the Lay Perspective

W3: Alternatives 2: Complementary Medicine – Competition at our Doorstep

W4: Alternatives 3: Healing and Folk Medicine- Wisdom or Beliefs?

W5: Alternatives 4: Biomedicine for Anthropology, or the Twist of Perspectives

W6: Challenges 1: Migrants, Refugees and Minorities

W7: Challenges 2: Reproduction, Sex, Age, Death and other Trends in “Western” Medicalization

W8: Challenges 3: Nutrition and Taboos- Biopower and Social Body

W9: Challenges 4. Placebo, Pharmaceuticals and the Rule of Pharmaceutical Industry

W10: Challenges 5: Public Medicine, Private Medicine and the Reproduction of Inequities

W11: Favourite Themes 1: Alcohol, Drug and AIDS at Crossroads of Culture and Law

W12: Favourite Themes 2: Shrinks and Madness – CBS and the Mirage of the Normal

W13: Fieldworks: Discussion 1.

W14: Fieldworks: Discussion 2.,Recapitulation, Feedback and Evaluation