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Exam topics

Type of the exam: oral

Exam topics:

„A”  list

  1. Basic definitions in communication and their role in medical practice: basic elements, axioms and levels in communication; verbal communication.
  2. The role of non-verbal communication.
  3. The role of active listening and the role of empathy.
  4. The doctor-patient consultation.
  5. Communication issues in patient information.
  6. Patient education and shared decision making.
  7. Convincing strategies in medical practice: learning theories and cognitive models;
  8. Convincing strategies in medical practice: the role of arguments, behavior change model.
  9. The role of suggestive communication in the doctor-patient interactions.

„B” list

  1. Communication with acute patients.
  2. Communication with sick children.
  3. Communication with older patients.
  4. Communication with somatizing patients.
  5. Communication with alcohol- and drug-dependent patients.
  6. Communication about sexual problems.
  7. Communication aspects with patients committing suicide attempt.
  8. Prevention and management of violence
  9. Communicating the diagnosis of incurable disease.
  10. Breaking news of death and congenital disorders.

 Application for the exam: Through the Neptun system.

Changing the application for the exam: Through the Neptun system.