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Exam topics

Exam topics list “A”:

  1. The significance of medical communication. Misconceptions and facts about medical communication.
  2. Doctor-patient consultation.
  3. Promoting lifestyle change: the 5A and 5R methods; the transtheoretical model of behavior change.
  4. Promoting lifestyle change: motivational interviewing.
  5. Communication options for developing health literacy.
  6. Communicating risks of treatments.
  7. Shared decision making.
  8. Suggestive communication in medical practice.
  9. Communication with children.
  10. Communication with older people. Communication with elderly having age-related mental disorders.
  11. Cultural competence of the physician.


Exam topics list „B”

  1. Communication about functional symptoms
  2. Communication with patients using complementary and alternative treatments.
  3. Communicating about intimate issues.
  4. Communication with tense, hostile people.
  5. Communication with depressed patients. Recognizing the risk of suicide.
  6. Communication with patients having anxiety symptoms or addictions.
  7. Breaking bad news.
  8. Communication aspects of patient safety.
  9. Communication with people living with disabilities.
  10. Communication with the victims of abuse.
  11. E-health: use of t technological tools in health communication.