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Information and lectures in pdf

Videos of the lectures can be available in this Moodle course (Media Gallery): 

Clinical chemistry and laboratory diagnostics (EP, 2020/21)



Preanalytical factors that influence the results of laboratory (Barna Vásárhelyi)

Major analytical procedures employed in clinical laboratories (Györgyi Molnár Világos)

Quality management in the laboratory (Györgyi Molnár Világos)

Questions of postanalytical phase (Barna Vásárhelyi)

Diagnostic analysis directly at patient’s bed (Ibolya Kocsis )

Laboratory diagnosis of inflammation, acut phase reactatnts, infectious diseases (Zsófia Szabó)

Immunological tests I. Hypersensitive reactons, allergy tests (Zsófia Szabó)

Immunological tests II. Laboratory diagnosis of autoimmune disases and immunodeficiency (Zsófia Szabó)

Lab tests for the investigation of major human metabolic disorders, part 1_Diabetes (Barna Vásárhelyi).

Metabolic disorders, part 2_ metabolism, tissue damage (Barna Vásárhelyi).

Therapeutic drug monitoring in clinical laboratory practice (Gellért Karvaly).

The examination of hemostasis – Anticoagulant monitoring (Adrienn Fehér).

The elements of the basic blood test Blood group evaluation (Adrienn Fehér).



The control exam can be taken online on the Moodle at the exam dates announced in Neptun (December 21 and January 11).

During the control exam, 50 questions must be solved in 50 minutes. Most of the questions are single-choice questions (there is a circle before the answers), but there are also some multiple-choice questions (there is a square before the answer).


46 – 50 points: excellent

41 – 45 points: good

36 – 40 points: satisfactory

31 – 35 points: rather weak

30 points or less: fail

On the Moodle a sample test is available to learn about the nature and possibilities of the control exam. This test contains 11 tasks, there are 6.6 minutes to solve. Unlimited repeatability.

The following material will also help you prepare for the exam:

Learning aid for the exam