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Important Informations for the Students of the English Language Program

Final exams 2020

Dear Students,

According to the orders of the rector, it is mandatory to appear in person at the exam. It is also obligatory to wear a mask during the exam.

For students from foreign countries, who have uninterruptedly stayed within the borders of Hungary since the national state of emergency was declared (from 11 March) and who do not meet patients during the exams, it is NOT necessary to have a negative PCR test result for participation at the exam.

Permission for online exam can be received from the rector only.  Students with permission from the rector should join the following Zoom ID at the beginning of the exam: 932-298-24741. 

Please inform the contact person of the Clinic in advance in case you have permission from the rector.

Please note, that the result of the exam will be registered in the Neptun system only after the successful completion of the practices.  Your case reports also have to be checked later during the practices.

Should you have any more questions, please contact Dr Zsolt Lohinai. 

We wish you a successful exam. 

Best regards,
Department of Conservative Dentistry



Important information, Department of Conservative Dentistry

Important information, Department of Conservative Dentistry

Contact person for students of the English speaking program: dr. Zsolt Lohinai associate professor


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