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EIT Health pályázati felhívások

Pályázási lehetőségek EIT Health oktatási programok szervezésére :

I) Co-Creation of Active Ageing
partners: IESE+Barcelona Univ + Imperial
Target: Executive and professional education
Objectives: provide information about patient experience methodologies and its use for design of healthcare solutions

II) City Vitality networks – Cetenariumship cities
objective: connect centenarians to the world: transgererational communication – EIT Health centenarianship festivals

III) Delf University of Technology: Identifying and implementing business opportunities for business: what are the trends and new opprtunities? which stakeholders must engage them?
– Ideation and validation to identify opportunities;
– Validation and implementation -data collection
– Professionals bring opprtunities to  business

IV) Imperial College_ patient and public involvement in Innovation
development of a module to teach students in blended learning.
programme to be developed with patient panels.

V) Imperial College: Health research Matters
platform for active involvement of citizens in the research (big data).
Pilot model for citizen participation (in the stages of ideation, design, pototyping, review, dissemination and implementation).
recruit a wide panel pf public, patuients, carers. use social media. provide opportunities for investment.

VI) Imperial College + TUM (Munich) +  karolinska- Inspiring enterprise women in healthcare education
examine/monitor the proportion of women involved in innovation, education, etc in EITHealth

VII) Imperial College: “Landing” innovation removing barriers by adopting upskilling gate keepers
most of the times health managers are the main barrier towards innovation adoption. the ideia is to develop a program thar addresses these gatekeepers so that innovation goes smoothly tru them

VIII)France CLC+uppsala+siemens: serious games and simulations
Develop serious games and simulations for first experience of clinicians in some basic procedures (suture, colonoscopy, etc..)


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