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Edit posts

Edit pages

Publish posts

Delete posts

Delete pages

Moderate comments

The appearance settings of Wordpress

Setting options available to WordPress administrators

Security functions that run inside WordPress

Ways to change the default behavior of WordPress

Group of plugins, which control WordPress behavior

They load the plugins when loading a page

Wordpress theme

Secure Signal Licence is a form of online encryption that enables WordPress sites to swap information with other websites

Secure Shopping Links is a web technology that enables eCommerce sites to sell online

Secure Socket Layer is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser

Secure Signing Loop is a security layer that kicks in when a user clicks a link on a web page

Wordpress plugin






Access Tokens


As often as possible

Every time you create a new post

Once a year

Every Saturday

On the first Monday of each month







It is used for secure communication over a computer network

The numeric IP address of your WordPress site

A link used to block users

The complete URL of your WordPress site

A popular WordPress Plugin

The permanent URLs to your individual weblog post

WordPress is limited to 1000 posts

WordPress recommends less than 10,000 posts

WordPress is limited to 1 million posts

The limit is between 1000 and 5000 posts

There is no limit

WordPress is limited to 9999 posts

In the WordPress uploads folder with metadata stored on the Database

On WordPress CDN storage

The WordPress Database only


On my WordPress Theme folder


It is located inside WordPress database

It is located inside WordPress admin folder

In my WordPress theme folder

In the folder 'wp-content/wp-admin'

It is located inside WordPress files folder

It is stored in the WordPress root directory on your webserver

In the Settings section of the WordPress site

In the Appearance section of the WordPress site

In the Tools section of the WordPress site

By installing a sidebar plugin

Inside the theme template

In the Widgets section of the WordPress site

Super Admin






The are stored in WordPress Database

They are stored in WordPress Plugins folder

They are stored in WordPress Options

They are stored in WordPress theme folder

They are stored in and not on my site

They are not stored

A Wordpress theme

A WP plugin that supports multiple sites

Special version of WordPress that can support many sites and is not free

A popular WP theme that features mobile support

WP configuration feature that supports multiple sites

All sites are multisite











Amazon Redshift


One only

Depends on the theme

Maximum ten


Depends on the server memory

Maximum 99

WordPress is a mail delivery system

WordPress is a CMS platform

WordPress is an e-commerce platform

WordPress is a social media platform

WordPress is a hosting platform

WordPress is a video storage site

Rename your site

Completely delete all the Plugins Folder from wp-content

Reinstall WordPress

Change hosting service

Delete the current theme folder from /wp-content/themes

Rename the specific plugin folder found in /wp-content/plugins

WordPress Tools

WordPress Apperance

WordPress Settings

wp_config.php file

WordPress Pages

wordpress_setting.php file