Betűméret: A A A


On the oral examination you are required to talk about two titles from the following list:

1. Definition of death. Post mortem changes.
2. The early post-mortem interval.
3. The late post-mortem interval. Estimation of post-mortem interval.
4. Estimating the time of death.
5. Determining the cause of death. Medico-legal investigation of death.
6. The autopsy.
7. Methods of identification. Identification of decomposed or skeletonized remains.
8. Sudden death of cardiovascular disorders.
9. Sudden death of respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders.
10. Sudden infant death.
11. Child abuse. Safeguarding children.
12. Terminology of injuries. Types of injuries.
13. Self-inflicted injury.
14. Injury patterns. Documentation of injuries and marks of injury.
15. Head and neck injuries.
16. Spinal, chest and abdominal injuries.
17. Gunshot injuries.
18. Differentiation of accident, suicide or murder in gunshot injuries.
19. Sexual assault: examination requirements, evidential samples and documentation.
20. Transportation under influence. Drink and drive problems. Widmark’s formula.
21. Road traffic injuries.
22. Railway injuries, aircraft fatalities.
23. Classification of asphyxia. Signs of asphyxia.
24. Types of mechanical asphyxial mechanism.
25. Immersion deaths: evidence of immersion. Post-mortem artefact and immersion.
26. Pathological diagnosis of drowning. The role of alcohol in drowning.
27. Injury caused by heat. Cold injury, hypothermia.
28. Electrical injury.
29. Principles of toxicology.
30. Commonly misused drugs and drug related death.
31. Carbon-monoxide poisoning. Arsenic, cyanide, lead and methanol poisoning.
32. Scene examination and evidence recovery. Examination on the scene
33. Forensic DNA analysis.