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Undergraduate courses


The Center teaches the Pharmacoeconomics course to fourth-year pharmacy students from the spring semester of 2021. The lectures are given in Hungarian and English languages as well.


Practice-oriented teaching of basic health- and pharmacoeconomic knowledge for pharmacy students to enable them interpreting and determining the cost-effectiveness of pharmaceuticals, and understanding the principles of pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement.






Week 1

90 min

Health care market and market failures, Elements of health care systems, Financing health care

Zoltán Kaló

Week 3

90 min

Pharmacoeconomics, Health Technology Assessment, Classification of economic evaluations

Zoltán Kaló

Week 5

90 min

Steps of health economic evaluation I – Evidence synthesis, health outcome measurement (quality of life, utility, quality-adjusted life years)

Zsuzsanna Petykó, András Inotai

Week 7

90 min

Steps of health economic evaluation II – Measuring costs, decision rule (threshold, multicriteria decision analysis)

Balázs Nagy

Week 9

90 min

Health economic modeling (classification, applicability)

Balázs Nagy

Week 11

90 min

Pricing of original and generic medicines

András Inotai

Week 13

90 min

Pharmaceutical reimbursement system and cost control techniques


András Inotai


Week 14

Test type exam




Knowledge testing during the semester:

Requirements of the signature:

Live or online attendance of the class.  1 absence is permitted without justification

Type of performance control:

Practical course mark

Form of performance control in the examination period (written, oral, written and oral):

classroom exam of the entire semester curricula at week 14, opportunity for correction: week 1 of exam period)



List of teaching materials: (List of textbooks, hand-outs, scripts, etc.) 
slide decks, compulsory and recommended reading materials listed at the end of slide decks

Additional recommended reading:

  • Drummond: Methods for the Economic evaluation of the health care programmes. Oxford University Press 2005


Full course description can be downloaded:Pharmacoeconomics_full description_2021_22

Action plan can be downloaded: Action plan_2021