Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 11 April 2021
141228 Total vaccines
13281 Semmelweis Citizens vaccinated

Healthcare committee


Head of the committee:

Stubnya János Domonkos

The Committee of Healthcare of Semmelweis University’s Students’ Union is responsible for events in connection with healthcare. Our job is mostly the organisation of screenings in Hungary and also outside the country. In these events we can help other people directly. We are welcoming anyone, who would like to help! Besides our future plan is for example organising Health Day for students. The committee would like to support important topics via posters, like stress handling, energy drinks etc…, which are close to students too. Cooperation between the four medical universities is really important, just like between the student organisations in our university, because for all of us, health is the most important! 

Contact: E-mail


Members of the Committee:

Papp Sára

Olasz Orsolya

Lipták Zoltán

Gubán Renáta

Lovász Bogi

Ferencz Hanna