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1st semester 2021/2022

Prosthodontics II. Requirements
Information for the students  
1. Reasons of tooth loss, treatment planning Dr. Katalin Károlyházy 08.09.2021
2. Dental documentation and recordkeeping guidelines, principles of photodocumentation Dr. Éva Mikola 15.09.2021
3. Fixed partial dentures: crowns and bridges Dr. Emese Ábrám 22.09.2021
4. Fixed partial dentures: dowel core restorations  Dr. Barbara Kispélyi 29.09.2021
5. Fixed partial dentures: minimal invaziv restorations and venneers Dr. Ferenc Bartha 06.10.2021
6. RPD – Baseplate Dr. János König 13.10.2021
7. RPD – Clasps Dr. János König 20.10.2021
8. RPD – Precision attachements Dr. Mercedes Linninger 27.10.2021
9. Removable partial dentures – dental telescope systems Dr. Máté Jász 03.11.2021
10. Rules of preparations for veneer, crown and bridge Dr. Judit Borbély 10.11.2021
11. CAD/CAM materials Dr. Judit Borbély 17.11.2021
12. Impression methods for fix and removable dentures. Gingival soft tissue management. Dr. Máté Jász 24.11.2021
13. Complete workflow of fixed and removable prosthodontics Dr. Tamás Déri 01.12.2021
14. Processing and inserting dentures  Dr. Zoltán Géczi 08.12.2021


Gnathology Requirements
Information for the students  
1. Introduction into the Anatomy and Physiology of the
Stomatognathic System
Dr. Krisztina Márton 08.09.2021
2.  Occlusal Anatomy Dr. Krisztina Márton 15.09.2021
3. Normal Function of the Stomatognathic System I. Mandibular Positions: Rest Position, ICP, CR, CO Dr. Szilvia Ambrus 22.09.2021
4. Normal Function of the Stomatognathic System II. Mandibular Movements: Rotation and Translation Dr. Máté Jász 29.09.2021
5. Normal Function of the Stomatognathic System III. Opening and Closing, Protrusion-retrusion, Excentric Movements and Border Movements Dr. Máté Jász 06.10.2021
6. Occlusion and Articulation. Occlusal Guidance in the Natural Dentition and Designed Guidance (Occlusal Concepts). Dr. Szilvia Ambrus 13.10.2021
7.  Simple Hinge, Avearge Value Articulators, Fully Adjustable Articulators Dr. Krisztina Márton 20.10.2021
8. Mounting with the Bonwill Triangle. Individual mounting, the Use of Face-bow. Dr. Szilvia Ambrus 27.10.2021
9. Adjustment of the Articulator Dr. Krisztina Márton 03.11.2021
10. Gnathological Aproach in Rehabilitation with  Complete Denture Dr. Szilvia Ambrus 10.11.2021
11. Axiography, Digital Analysis of Movements and the  Arcus Digma System Dr. Máté Jász 17.11.2021
12. Registration of Maxillomandibular relationships Dr. Máté Jász 24.11.2021
13. Gnatological Aspects in the Manufacturing of Prosthetic Appliances Dr. Máté Jász 01.12.2021
14. Test. Consultation. Dr. Krisztina Márton 08.12.2021


2nd semester 2021/2022

Prosthodontics III. Requirements
Information for the students  
1. Classification of the partial1y edentulous dental arches (FF 0.) Dr. Ildikó Berze 01.02.2022.
2. Treatment planning for the class lA. and 1B. dental arches Dr. Judit Borbély 08.02.2022.
3. Treatment planning for the class 2A. dental arches  Treatment planning for the class 2B. dental arches Dr. Barbara Kispélyi 15.02.2022.
4.  Treatment planning for the class 2A/l. and 3. dental arches Dr. Emese Ábrám 22.02.2022.
5. Temporary restorations and repairing dentures Dr. Mercedes Linninger 01.03.2022.
6.  Removable dentures in implant prosthodontics Dr. Tamás Déri 08.03.2022.
7.  Provisional and fixed implant supported restorations Dr. Krisztina Mikulás 22.03.2022.
8.  Implants in prosthodontics – Impression techniques Dr. Tamás Déri 29.03.2022.
9.  Introduction to digital dentistry I – Digital impressioning  Dr. Judit Borbély 05.04.2022.
10.  Introduction to digital dentistry II – Digital workflow Dr. Judit Borbély 19.04.2022.
11.  Colour and appearance in dentistry Dr. Judit Borbély 26.04.2022.
12. Dental luting cements, and their use Dr. Máté Jász 03.05.2022.
13. Maxillo-facial prosthetics Dr. Tamás Déri 10.05.2022.


 General Dentistry Practice Requirements